Key dates for 2023 AFTS Award and Bursary

2023 AFTS Award for Inspiration and Contribution to Australian Fairy Tale Culture

  • Nominate your candidate from April 24 to May 7.
  • The winner will be decided by popular vote between May 8 and May 15.
  • Nominees need not be an AFTS member, however nominators and voters must be current AFTS members.

At the 2023 Sydney Conference, we will again honour, by popular choice the person who has most inspired and contributed to Australian fairy tale culture.

To date, we’ve recognised the very different achievements of Belinda Calderone (2017), Dr Kate Forsyth (2018), Dr Robyn Floyd (2019), Lorena Carrington (2020), Louisa-John Krol (2021) and Jo Henwood (2022). Their names are engraved in our permanent Award, created by Spike Deane.

For 2023, we’re asking for your nominations, from which the finalists will be selected based on their body of work. This will have enduring significance due to its a) originality, b) influence, c) beauty or quality, d) depth of insight and breadth of scope, e) contribution to understanding of Australian fairy tales.

More details about the Award, and previous winners and finalists are here.

2023 Bursary – travel to the NSW conference!

  • The AFTS Executive will make a decision by May 14, 2023, from applications received between April 24 and May 8.

One AFTS bursary is on offer to a current member, who needs assistance to attend our Sydney conference. The bursary will cover a) transport and accommodation costs to $400, and b) a ‘fairy godmother/father’ as conference mentor.

Please note that the bursary holder is responsible for their own registration cost as detailed here. All best. We look forward to seeing you in Sydney!

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