About Our Fairy Tale Rings

Cinderella by Debra Phillips

Cinderella and the Pumpkin Vine by Debra Phillips

Every second month the AFTS hosts regional fairy tale rings, where members (and other interested folk) can gather across the country in local groups to all simultaneously discuss the “Tale of the Month”!

Each Ring features talks and discussion on the story’s history and variants, meanings, and Australian perspective as well as storytelling, displays, and a chance to find out what is happening in the Fairy Tale world today.

Being a young organisation we are still growing in the number of locally run Rings around the country as well as attendees, so please don’t hesitate to contact our “Ring leader”, Jo Henwood, and find out what’s happening closest to you! (Contact details below.)

We’re also archiving our fantastic resource and reference Reading Lists for every Ring, here on our website for easy access. Full of texts to study, books, news, and other media to reference – all with a particular emphasis on the tale’s relationship to Australia – these are fonts of useful information for anyone studying or working with the tale in any form! You can find these reading lists HERE.

JO Henwood contact details

FTR title only with flourish

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