AFTS Anthology

South of the Sun

Released late April 2021

In partnership between Serenity Press and The Australian Fairy Tale Society

South of the Sun website

If you want a book, you can’t do better than the dark and sparkling anthology South of the Sun: fairy tales for the 21st century

This is an enchanting illustrated book of fairy tales – but not the kind you read to children at bedtime. They are strictly for the grown-ups. Often dark, the stories visit places where things don’t end happily ever after, where a single decision can haunt you forever. But there are also tales to make you laugh out loud, stories of sweet revenge and scenes of sheer delight in the world of magic and the fey.

All the stories, lyrics and poems have something in common, a contemporary edge. Even those set in earlier times have a modern sensibility that reflects the 21st century and celebrates Australian landscapes, characters and voices.

Discover stories from emerging talent and leading award-winning Australian writers including Carmel Bird, Sophie Masson, Cate Kennedy and Eugen Bacon, along with artwork by foremost illustrators such as Lorena Carrington and Kathleen Jennings.

So if you’re ready – once upon a time …

Radio interview: Patsy Poppenbeek talks about South of the Sun

To find out more about how this remarkable work came into being, listen to Patsy Poppenbeek from the Anthology Subcommittee who was recently interviewed by 3CR 855am.  Patsy’s interview is from 0:00 to 13:28. Here’s the link –

Radio interview: Melissa Min Harvey talks about South of the Sun

Radio channel logo RTR FM 92.1.

AFTS Anthology South of the Sun was featured in a radio interview for RTR-FM in Perth, when contributor Melissa Min Harvey chatted with Myke Bartlett on Artbeat on 8 October 2021.

To hear the interview, go to

Launch of South of the Sun

South of the Sun was launched on 2 July 2021 via Facebook

Arts Law Centre beams national Case Study of AFTS Anthology!

Our subcommittee liaised with the national Arts Law Centre to develop contracts for contributing authors and illustrators, as well as a publishing licence/service agreement with Serenity Press. ALC has a policy called Artists First, and is so pleased with our work – particularly as a not-for-profit group – that they requested to turn us into a Case Study!

After considering the pros and cons, we voted unanimously YES. Our chief illustrator, Lorena Carrington, graciously met their request to present our book’s front cover. This is excellent for our profile. It means AFTS effectively stands as an example for other Arts groups to follow. Law students can study us. Lawyers can refer to our work, and the ALC’s library may well carry the templates we developed together.

Here is a link to the Case Study: