2021 Award Winner

It is our honour to announce that the winner of the 2021 Australian Fairy Tale Society Award is Louisa John Krol!
Congratulations Louisa!

Louisa John-Krol

Louisa’s contributions to the field of fairy tales in Australia are extensive so I am only going to summarise some of the points from the extensive nomination she received this year:

  • Singer, producing 8 CDs and performing internationally
  • Writer of short stories and memoirs
  • Storyteller, particularly at the Wonderwings fairy shop
  • Co Editor of the Ezine
  • Administrator and leader:  Ring Leader of the Victorian Fairy Tale Ring, and AFTS President for many years

“While Louisa has achieved many extraordinary things I believe it is her extraordinarily kind heart and passionate support of those around her that needs to be recognised and celebrated with this award. Out of anyone I’ve ever met, Louisa is the truest of fairy godmothers.”

The Society takes great pleasure in recognising some of the achievements and qualities of Louisa John Krol who has contributed so much to our community.

Louisa’s name was engraved on a badge on the beautiful AFTS Award created by Spike Deane.

Artist Lorena Carrington also created a gift for Louisa to keep.

Framed picture of woman clad in leaves dancing among trees with black cats watching.
Artwork gifted to Louisa John-Krol by Lorena Carrington on behalf of the AFTS