South of the Sun winners!

At last!

The editorial committee putting together the AFTS anthology “South of the Sun” have finally chosen their winners. It was a truly difficult job – we were inundated with talented submissions and we’ve spent many a long hour short-listing, re-short-listing, arguing and finally agreeing on the following. A big thank you to everyone who sent in their entries.

Congratulations to everyone who’s on the list – and commiserations to those who didn’t make it.

·         Anezka Sero  ̶  The Snowgum Maiden

·         Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson  ̶  Jack, the Beanstalk and the NBN

·         Yvette Ladzinski  ̶  The Lonely Mosque

·         Melissa Min Harvey  ̶  The Wild Moon Call

·         Clare Testoni  ̶  The Lyrebird

·         Krystal Barton  ̶  North Coburg to Flinders St Station

·         Rachel Nightingale  ̶ Riverbend

·         Jackie Kerin  ̶  No Horse, No Cart, No Shoes

·         Angie Rega  ̶  The Tale of the Seven Magpies

·         Danielle McGee – The Origami Mother

·         June Perkins – Into the Song Wood

·         Zoya Nojin  ̶  Rubeliya

·         Ella Lamb – The Curse of the Swan Prince

·         Muriel Cooper  ̶ There was something different about him

·         Carolyn Alfonzetti  ̶  Hundreds and Thousands

·         Jennifer Lehmann  ̶  Cricket

·         Nola Wernicke  ̶  If Cinderella lived in Melbourne

·         Erin-Claire Barrow  ̶  The Crows

·         Natalie Cooke  ̶  Gold