A Sweeping Tale


Looking for a new fairy tale book to read? Look no further! We are delighted to announce that Melbourne-based illustrator Kate Churchward has just written, illustrated and published an ebook.

Kate’s illustrations are truly intriguing, and so we couldn’t be more excited about this book. A Sweeping Tale is based around the renowned “Cinderella” tale and is perfect for lovers of whimsy, quirkiness and off beat. Count us in!


I was lucky enough to interview Kate on fairy tales and her latest book. Here’s what she had to say:

What it is about the fairy tale form that you love so much?

“Fairy tales and picture books have always been a love of mine, ever since I was given a beautifully illustrated copy of “Beauty and the Beast” when I was 7…which I still have and still read. 

I love that fairy tales can be read as simple entertainment or as subjects of contemplation. I also love the duality of the fairy tale – it has the capacity to allow the darkness of life and our natures, as well as the light.

Fairy tales are a place where there are no rules, where judgement and belief can be suspended long enough to explore the subject of our natures and the things that happen to us.” 




Why did you choose “Cinderella” to retell?

“I chose “Cinderella” so that I could explore ideas around grief and servitude. Part of what keeps us in servitude to grief (rather than allowing ourselves to pass through it) is feeling that life is punishing us directly in some way.

Not to mention that one of the prevailing ideas in “Cinderella” is a prince coming along to ‘save’ you…which I’ve always had a problem with. I wanted to tell a different story.”

And what made you decide on an ebook for your writing medium?

“I chose the ebook medium for the added dimension of animation….as well as my ‘challenge addiction’ to embarking on projects I’ve never done before!”


Dad and Stepmum 

Well, Kate, we are grateful that your ‘challenge addiction’ brought you to create this ebook that fairy tale enthusiasts will adore.


A Sweeping Tale is available on iTunes here.


Happy Reading!

Belinda Calderone
The Australian Fairy Tale Society


Fairy Tale Workshop – Feb 20-22




The Grimms’ “Das Mädchen ohne Hände” (The Maiden Without Hands) is certainly one of the most disturbing and fascinating fairy tales.There are over a hundred variants, often known as “The Handless Maiden,” “Silver Hands” or “The Armless Maiden.”

A whole weekend workshop focussing on this tale? Yes, please!

This beautiful workshop is run by Heather Keens, an experienced individual and family therapist, and Joan Harcourt, an experienced body psychotherapist and group leader. Together they will help attendees explore this rich fairy tale from a Jungian psychological perspective.

As Keens and Harcourt remind us, “The Handless Maiden is a story about individuation, about developing one’s inner strength, resilience and creativity. It is a story about losing your hands, living with silver hands and finding your hands.”

The part I love the most is that these inspiring women take this tale of loss and healing, and make it personal to the attendees: “there will be an opportunity to explore your own journey to the conscious feminine and the inner positive masculine in a safe and contained setting. We work through discussion, metaphor and symbol, movement, dream work and art in this process.”

Sounds incredible!

This workshop will be of interest to health professionals, counsellors, expressive therapists, storytellers, writers or anyone engaged in their own psychological journey.

To download and print a PDF with all the details, click here: Handless Maiden flier


Belinda Calderone
The Australian Fairy Tale Society