Ezine: Issue No. 1 – Rumpelstiltskin

Dear members,

It is with great pleasure and pride that our Editorial Troupe can finally reveal the first issue of the exclusive-to-members electronic magazine!

The product of hard work from Gypsy Thornton (Editor/Designer) and Louisa John-Krol (Co-Editor), as well as many others, I hope that it will be everything (and more) than you imagined.

It certainly was that way for me!

Happy reading!

Note: It is recommended that you download the PDF to your computer and view/ read it on your desktop. This way you can:  a) activate the audio and hear the embedded file by clicking on the icon (clicking the icon doesn’t work when in preview mode or just viewing it online), and  b) so you can choose to view the ezine in ‘2 page view’ to get the ‘magazine effect’ as intended. (You will still be able to zoom in to read the text.)

To download the file, right click the link and choose ‘save link as’ to your computer. 

AFTS Ezine Issue 01

AFTS Ezine Cover Only Preview