South of the Sun – Pre orders!

South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century is an enchanting illustrated book of fairy tales – but not the kind you read to children at bedtime.

They are strictly for grown-ups. Often dark, the stories visit places where things don’t end happily ever after, where a single decision can haunt you forever.

But there are also tales to make you laugh out loud, stories of sweet revenge and scenes of sheer delight in the work of magic and the fey.

Discover stories from emerging talent and leading award-winning Australian writers including Carmel Bird, Sophie Masson, Cate Kennedy and Eugen Bacon, along with artwork from foremost illustrators such as Lorena Carrington and Kathleen Jennings.

So if you’re ready – once upon a time…

Pre-order South of the Sun from our partner publisher Serenity Press

We are made by the stories we are told and by the stories we tell. Reading this collection reveals that we are bold, funny and inventive. We are nourished by history, and face the future with poetry in our hearts. This is a triumph of an anthology that truly captures the 21st Australian Fairy Tale –


Wicked and wise, amusing and unexpected. Fresh fairy tales from some of Australia’s finest voices, both established and new.


Reading South of the Sun feels like collecting shells or pebbles or feathers: the stories belong together but are strikingly individual. Here you will find the hilarious and the bittersweet, the poetic and the in-your-face brash, the historical, the contemporary and the futuristic. And each is brimful with magic. This anthology is a delight from start to finish. 


ONCE UPON A TIME: Fairy tales for our times

Six AFTS fairies from our book South of the Sun are guests of Bendigo Writers Festival!

Along with their own sessions, several are on a fairytale panel  ONCE UPON A TIME: Fairy tales for our times.

Claudia BarnettLorena Carrington and Sophie Masson with host Eugen Bacon Friday 7 May 4.30pm-5.30pm Capital Theatre $20 / $16 concession

Who tells fairy stories? And who gets to listen? The tales handed down through the generations are worked and reworked by inventive writers and new stories are added to the store. What’s their lasting appeal and why have they been so necessary to different cultures? Eugen Bacon is joined by Claudia Barnett, Lorena Carrington and Sophie Masson to bring us up to date with the fairy world.

We are also delighted to be celebrating with these authors the publication of South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century.

Sophie Masson and Eugen Bacon present additional sessions Sat and/or Sun, Rachel Nightingale joins Eugen, and Carmel Bird presents on Saturday night. 

To read their profiles and/or book tickets:

South of the Sun – Launch

Join us to celebrate the official launch of South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century.

Virtual launch party: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of July 18:30 AEST

BYO: You bring the Fizzy and we will bring the Fairy Tales. You can join us on Zoom (link posted before the event on facebook) or watch live on Facebook

North of the Moon

Two former AFTS presidents (Reilly McCarron & Louisa JohnKrol) have joined mythic-rock legend Adrienne Piggott of Spiral Dance to compile an Autumnal album:

North of the Moon – Three Australian Faerie Bards

Three fey Celtic-Australian minstrels unite at the Autumn Equinox to bring you some of their most fairytale-ish songs. They hail from three States: Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Instruments on this album include flute, mandolin, accordion, charango, various guitars and harps, and of course bardic vocals, from folklorists honed in storytelling, mythology, poetry and Druidic / Pagan / Faery paths. Let these whimsical balladeers carry you through seas and groves of the Faery Lands.

Please join/follow/endorse us at our new shared sites at Bandcamp You Tube:

In Tree Time, three Celtic-Australians wove music with myth and fairytale. From Druidic circles to taverns, carnivals, fey indie labels, fairy shops, storytelling guilds, castles and audiobook soundtracks, they’ve fostered links between folklore and eco-spirituality.
Fey wishes
Louisa✨, Reilly ✨ and Adrienne ✨