North of the Moon

Two former AFTS presidents (Reilly McCarron & Louisa JohnKrol) have joined mythic-rock legend Adrienne Piggott of Spiral Dance to compile an Autumnal album:

North of the Moon – Three Australian Faerie Bards

Three fey Celtic-Australian minstrels unite at the Autumn Equinox to bring you some of their most fairytale-ish songs. They hail from three States: Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Instruments on this album include flute, mandolin, accordion, charango, various guitars and harps, and of course bardic vocals, from folklorists honed in storytelling, mythology, poetry and Druidic / Pagan / Faery paths. Let these whimsical balladeers carry you through seas and groves of the Faery Lands.

Please join/follow/endorse us at our new shared sites at Bandcamp You Tube:

In Tree Time, three Celtic-Australians wove music with myth and fairytale. From Druidic circles to taverns, carnivals, fey indie labels, fairy shops, storytelling guilds, castles and audiobook soundtracks, they’ve fostered links between folklore and eco-spirituality.
Fey wishes
Louisa✨, Reilly ✨ and Adrienne ✨

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