AFTS Award

“AFTS Annual Award for Inspiration and Contribution to Australian Fairy Tale Culture”

One of the highlights of the year is honouring someone we all judge to have contributed significantly to the field of fairy tales in Australia with the annual Australian Fairy Tale Society Award.

-Jo Henwood, co-founder of AFTS

To date we have recognised the very different achievements of:

Dr  Belinda Calderone in 2017

Dr Kate Forsyth in 2018

Dr Robyn Floyd in 2019

Lorena Carrington in 2020

Louisa John-Krol in 2021

Jo Henwood in 2022

Shirley Way in 2023

AFTS Award created by Spike Deane

Their names are engraved in our permanent Award, a truly beautiful sculpture created by Spike Deane.  Each year’s plaque is created and added by her. The Award ceremony will take place during the conference, the time to be determined by whether the recipient is attending in person or by Zoom.

These Awards are judged according to a body of work that has enduring significance due to its 

  • originality
  • influence 
  • beauty/quality
  • depth of insight & breadth of scope
  • contribution to understanding

The nominee does not have to be a member of the AFTS but both the nominations and voting are only available to AFTS members.

The person will not be nominated or awarded as a result of any influence due to

  • Relationships of family or friendship
  • Donations of cash or goods
  • Purchases of merchandise
  • Contributions of time, services, gifts or favours
  • Duration of membership
  • Culture, religion, nationality, dis/ability, gender, sexual identity, or any other personal characteristic