AFTS Podcast

Season 1: Australian Fairy Tales: Flesh or Fossil?


Old stories are travellers across time. Messages left like a fossil to be rediscovered, reinvented.

This October, the Australian Fairy Tale Society will take a deep dive through time, culture and language to explore fairy tales, from an Australian perspective, and discover what flesh they wear today.

Keen to learn more? Meet our magical mix of academics, creatives and performers here and online at, or @austfairytales.

In Season 1, we meet

Episode 1: Jo Henwood, Au Fairy Tale Society co-founder
Episode 2: Reilly McCarron, Au Fairy Tale Society co-founder
Episode 3: Patsy Poppenbeek, editor ‘South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century
Episode 4: Lorena Carrington, photographic artist and 2022 conference artist