Australian Fairy Tale Society’s 4th Annual Conference – even more highlights!

Now for yet another delight, the first quilting workshop ever to feature in our annual conference adventure. At first, a bunch of us wondered how responsive members might be to something more kinaesthetic than our usual fare; would the scholars and writers slip out for a cuppa? But no! Jo Henwood’s imaginative, compelling facilitation, and the conviviality of attendees, combined to form a magical interlude. From the top of the theatrette, glancing down to the stage, all one could see was a carpet of bodies, moving like sea-fronds, kneeling, cross-legged, arching over each other for a snippet of this, a patch of that… and whilst I don’t have a photo of Jo herself at the workshop, there’s a spectacular glimpse of her (thanks Jackie Kerin!) on stage telling a story that same day. Just scroll down through the quilts and gorgeous fairy tale folk here. Can you spot Aladdin’s lamp? A frog, anyone? Or toadstools spun from Australian wool?

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