Australian Fairy Tale Society’s 4th Annual Conference – more highlights!

Lorena Carrington from Castlemaine provided insights into her artistic approaches, and previewed her illustrations for a forthcoming book “Vasilisa the Wise” with acclaimed author Kate Forsyth (it’s great when our members collaborate!), while Erin McCuskey from Ballarat, founding producer of Yum Studio, introduced us to her fabulist realm of Luxville by way of film, photography and her book “Luxville Dolls”.

Courtesy of Spike Deane, we’re beaming a photo of her superb glass sculpture for our inaugural Australian Fairy Tale Society Award. Each year, awardees’ names will be inscribed onto this piece, as part of our permanent national fairy tale collection. The frog is designed so that light beams through his eyes, carrying the magic of glass, like a golden ball through a well.


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