Did you choose the Zoom life or did the Zoom life choose you?

For many of our community, our fairytale conference via zoom will be their first zoom conference… don’t worry it’s our first too. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you be confident using Zoom. The opening party will also be a space where we can all have some fun while getting used to the new space.

Zoom cheat sheet -thank you to Fiona Price for creating this easy table.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

On some computers, you can change the background. Instead of showing off your office or bookshelf (our favourite) you can insert a picture behind you. We have created some Magic Mirrors themed ones for you to download but if you are feeling creative we would love to see your fairy tale backgrounds.

Zoom Etiquette

About 10 minutes before the session is due to commence click on the link for that session. [If this is your first time using Zoom you will be prompted to make a Zoom account for yourself.] You will be prompted for the session Password (this should make us more secure against hackers).  You will then go to a Waiting Room until the Session Host admits you as someone who is registered for the conference, another security measure on our part.

When you are admitted you can check that you can hear and be heard, see and be seen.  Make sure that the Camera icon and the Mic icon on the bottom left of your screen are uncrossed.  If there are problems just click Leave the Meeting on the bottom right hand corner of your screen and re join by clicking the link again.

You can Rename yourself by putting your cursor over the top right corner of your image and clicking on the blue box with three dots.  In the middle of the list that drops down you will see Rename.

Virtual background

We have provided a choice of mirror-themed virtual backgrounds, for those who would like to use one, and you can get advice on how to add one at the Friday night Cocktail Party. Please note, not all computers may be able to admit one.

Mute and Unmute

Please try to arrive 10 minutes early, so that we can begin on time. During the admission period, feel free to talk to each other. However, once the session begins, the host will Mute all attendees so that the presenters are the only ones to be heard. 

But we do want to encourage conversations and participation particularly for Q&A following presentations.  

When you have something to say you can Raise Your (digital) Hand by clicking Participants in the middle of the bottom ribbon and you will see at the bottom of the list of people in the session a button for Raise Your Hand and Lower Your Hand.  The Host can then Unmute you or invite you to Unmute yourself to speak by either pressing the space bar or moving your cursor over the top right corner of your image to see a blue box for Mute/Unmute.


On the bottom ribbon there is also an icon for Chat where you can write messages to either Everyone or selected people on the list of Participants.   You can share names of books, websites, email addresses etc.  Chat will not be private from the Host.

Breakout Rooms

There is the possibility of having a few people move into another area called a Breakout Room.  We will use that during the AGM for non members.  You can also request it if you want to meet other members for a private conversation at some point.  The Host can enter a Breakout Room at any time.


We might also get you to vote on your favourite fairy tale characters or other ideas by taking polls, again through a button on the bottom ribbon of your screen.