2021 Conference

Glorious news!  Registrations are now open for this year’s conference, Enchanting…music, magic, spells: performing fairy tales – which will be twice the conference of any other year with both Zoom and live sessions available!
Leading us in these ways of magic will be our Zoom Keynote, Wendy Blaxland, who has captained the Marian Street Theatre for Young People through many adaptations of fairy tales for Australian audiences.
And on Monday, our mesmerising Keynote Speaker will be Franks’ Fantastic Fairy Tale Theatre – puppet master extraordinaire!  There’s a rumour that we might see some of the puppets coming to us live in Newtown too!
But they are just only the first of many magical and enthralling people appearing at the conference –  You will meet singers and playwrights, puppeteers and storytellers, artists and authors, and amazing people capable of enchanting you in so very many ways! 
Friday night 11 June virtual cocktail party 7.30-8.30 pm AEST.  Zoom.
Saturday 12 June 10am-12.30pm AEST Zoom.
Saturday 12 June 2-4pm AEST Zoom.
Sunday 13 June  10am-12.30pm AEST Zoom.
Sunday 13 June 2-4pm AEST Zoom.
Monday 14 June 9am -4.30pm.  Newtown Hall Sydney. Live.
There will also be dinner at a restaurant in Newtown afterwards for those who want to come.

Conference and membership bundles for online payments

$30 Click here to pay for the Zoom conference only

$80 Click here to pay for the live conference + annual membership

$110 All the fairy tale things! Live and Zoom conference + annual membership