Little Red Riding Hood – Our Fairy Tale for December

Little Red Riding Hood - J.W. Smith

Little Red Riding Hood – J.W. Smith

Good afternoon fairy tale enthusiasts!

Although our inaugural conference has been and gone for the year, the fairy tale conversations have continued with our Fairy Tale Rings. Our local branch discussion groups have brought fairy tale lovers together for some wonderful exchanges of ideas.

Our chosen fairy tale for December is beloved by many – “Little Red Riding Hood.” Even if you can’t manage to get to a Fairy Tale Ring, you are always welcome to send in stories or artwork inspired by the tale.

We’ve compiled a reading list to get the mental juices flowing! View it here: Little Red Riding Hood bibliography

For details of individual Fairy Tale Rings in your state, stay tuned to our Events page.

No Fairy Tale Ring in your state? Why not start your own? Contact us for more information.

May you all have an enchanting December… and feel free to stray from the path…

Belinda Calderone
Committee Member
Australian Fairy Tale Society